Grassfed Beef & Lamb

Pastured Chicken & Pork

Ozarks Fresh grassfed beef & lamb, and pastured chicken & pork is all sustainably raised in the Mansfield, MO area on our Co-Op of family farms. All of our animals are raised without antibiotics or growth hormones. Thank you for supporting our family farms by buying local meats!

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Grassfed Beef

We raise our cattle on grass pasture 100% of the time. They are never fed corn or given growth hormones. No antibiotics are given either. All of our pastures are chemical free.

Learn more about our grassfed and grass finished beef.

Grassfed Lamb

Our grassfed sheep are raised alongside our cattle. They are also grassfed and grass finished, and never given growth hormones or antibiotics.

Learn more about our locally raised lamb.

Pastured Chicken

Our pastured chicken is raised in hoop houses that are moved at least once a day, allowing the chickens to supplement their diet of non-GMO and hormone-free feed with bugs and grass.

Learn more about our pastured poultry.

Pastured Pork

Our pastured pork is raised in large wooded areas where they are able to eat grass, root around, and eat acorns in addition to the feed we custom grind for them. They are fed locally grown corn and alfalfa.

Learn more about our pastured pork.

Support your local farmers and enjoy delicious, healthy meats at the same time!